“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautfiul.” – William Morris 1834-96, British Craftsman, Designer, Poet

At Southern Comforts Consignments we have a special quote that truly defines what our stores are all about, “The Joy is in the treasure hunt.” We sincerely hope that while hunting for your treasures in Southern Comforts, you have an enjoyable experience.

Recently we came across another great quote which I believe represents Southern Comforts Consignments very well, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris described quite perfectly how we all here at Southern Comforts feel when it comes to the importance of keeping a beautiful yet comfortable home. We believe that your surroundings play a crucial part in your life and what makes you who you are. Many know this to be true based on articles you’ve have read regarding paint colors that have the ability to stimulate your mind, or relaxing fabrics that encourage a restful sleep.

No matter your style or your station in life, we believe that our stores have something special to offer you. We have options galore if you’re a shopper hunting for a treasure, but what we have that singles us out, is a way for you to turn your useless or not so beautiful items (in your opinion) into a profit. That profit can then become a means for a way to help revamp your home, which will in turn make you a happier person! Basically we work miracles on a daily basis!

On a serious note, it is inspiring and quite special for our consignment stores to see one man’s “trash”, become another’s treasure, day in and day out. We like to think of it as the ultimate, fanciest form of recycling. To us, it’s simply wonderful that an item which has lost its value to you, may be the exact piece that a shopper has been looking everywhere for. It’s so awesome to see furniture and accessories not go to waste! How lucky are we that we have customers rely on Southern Comforts Consignments to help them create intimate spaces such as the perfect bedroom, or to find the dining set of their design dreams. When looking at the big picture, it’s a privilege that Southern Comforts gets to help you make your dwelling place more useful and more beautiful.

Asheley Young for Southern Comforts



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